Fellows' activities - internship at the RMCA 2021/2022



Nadege Ngala, Prefina Samba, Bazebizonza Nicy et Lutete Junior :
- Assisted to many training sessions: Qgis modeling, scientific papers comprehensions, tectonic lectures, karstology by RMCA scientists and extern collaborators.
- Field trips in karstic zones in Belgium, during Wallonia water days.
- Visited of the "Sedimentary Petrology" Laboratory, Liege University and manipulation of some analysis' technics on speleothems.
- Use of Lidar 3D scanning in Han Cave.
- Initiation course of caves progression (two days) at the Fort Barchon and Haquin cave, with the Belgian Union of Speleology (UBS).
- Two days training of caves topography, organised by UBS.



Evelyne SAFARI :
- Worked on field data on Qgis modeling with the supervision of RMCA scientist.
- Visited the quarry of the limits exploiting the limestones in the Calestian geological structures, under the supervision of the RMCA scientists and the  GEOPARC geologists.
- Prepared field samples on the petrography laboratory in RMCA.

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