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Main Objectifs


The GeoRes4Dev project contributes to sustainable development of Central Africa (Burundi, DR Congo, Rwanda, Rep. Congo), to improve expertise, academic and technical research ("capacity building") relating to mineral georesources.

Information transfer
The knowledge transfer is ensured by granting scholarships for DEA, Master, and Ph.D. to local geologists to follow their courses in partner universities in Central Africa, with the scientific monitoring of the promoters from MRAC.

these Nkodia
Doctoral thesis defense
The GeoRes4Dev team is pleased to announce the doctoral thesis defense of
which will take place at Marien Ngouabi University on Wednesday, May 16, 2024.


Nadege représente l'Afrique en ChineNadège Ngala, boursière DEA, de la RDC (UniKin/CRGM),
International Workshop on "Karst and climate change", organized by IRCK
China - 04/2024

Each fellow would cover a part of the Geores4dev project hypotheses, in a complementary manner, by dealing with a specific theme within one of the three different research areas:

  • Grotte

    Kongo area

    The cross-border region between the Pool and the Atlantic coast.

  • Gold-mine

    Lualaba area

    SW of the Ex-Katanga region.

  • Mission de terrain avec les boursiers

    Comicode area

    The Great Lakes cross-border region.


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