Wallonia Water Days - March 2022


As part of the celebration of World Water Day on 22 March, the Wallonia region organise a series of excursions and activities to raise awareness of the importance of water and promote its sustainable management.

During two weeks in March, the fellows and scientists in RMCA had participate in various excursions:

- Geologic and pedologic pathway of " l'Eau Noire" and "Viroin" - 20th mars 2022
One day fieldtrip in "vallée de l'Eau Noire" and "Viroin", for a global understanding of the regional geology, the karstic system behaviour, the pedology and the use of the geographical information system for the compilation of all data.
This excursion was guided by Vincent Hallet - Prof at the University of Namur, Patrick Engels - Expert at SPW.

- The karstic system in the Ry d'Ave valley (Rochefort, Wellin) - 26th mars 2022
Four sites were visited: Ry d'Ave loss,its resurgence, the viaduc site and its karstic phenomenon ,  and mine view.
During the excursion, several explanations on the karst phenomena of the valley, its geological evolution and the hydrogeological functioning of the system were discussed.
Insured by Yves Quinif.

- The Dinant sewage treatment plant - 26th mars 2022
Visit the treatment plant, its operations, as well as the different stages of wastewater treatment before discharge into the river.

Participants list of the WWD:

BAZEBIZONZA TCHIGUINA Nicy CarmelLUTETE JuniorNGALA NadegePREFINA Samba Rachelle, Damien Delvaux, Imen Arfaoui, 


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