Comicode: Great Lakes Region - MIneralization COrridor, Regional DEvelopment COrridor.

This part of the project will focus on the factors: controlling the circulation of the mineralizing fluids and the precipitation of transported metallic elements (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten, Gold, Nickel, etc.) in the cross-border area of the Great Lakes region.
 Advertising campaigns aimed at local decision-makers (mining cooperatives and companies, chambers of commerce, and industries) will contribute, to a market that tends to prosper in transparency, establishing a better governance framework. Their use, both upstream (allocation of licenses) and downstream (collection for the benefit of the populations of production statistics and associated revenues).

 As well as recognition and an affirmation that these geo-resources exist on both sides of the borders, if they were introduced transparently through the international marketing circuit, no regional conflict could be justified.

  • Formation_etudiants

    Fellowship Program

    Program of Academic "capacity building", centered around three levels:

    - Contribution of scientists from CRGM service and other "invited guest speakers" into second cycle academic training programs (MSc) of the African partners through seminars and thematic conferences.

    - Academic, scientific, logistical, and financial support for fellows: fieldwork framed by scientists, and thesis work (MSc, DEA, Ph.D.) through “academic sandwich grants”:

    3 Ph.D. Thesis - UB: 
                                      Furaha Ghislain 
                                      Kezimana Lee Fred Florent 
                                      Kalikone Buzera Christian
                                      Evelyne Safari
    1 Master of research  -
     UR, Petroleum and Gas Board:
                                      Ntenge Alain
    1 DEA - UOB:
                        Toussaint Mushamalirwa 

    - Academic research assessed by researchers from African partners.

  • Filon_tourmaline

    Research subjects

    Ph.D. Thesis:

    Subject 1: "Lithostructural control of the mineralizing fluids circulation and trapping of metallic components transported in the cross-border area of Kivu (Kalehe-Idjwi-Kamanyola) -Rwanda (Kibuye) -Burundi."

    Subject2: "Lithostructural control of the mineralizing fluids circulation and trapping of the transported metallic components: "tin, niobium-tantalum, tungsten and gold. Case of study: the formations of the quartzite ring of Murehe, the proximal formations in Kirundo, Ngozi and Muyinga, Republic of Burundi."

    Subject 3: "Lithostructural control of mineralizing fluids and trapping of transported metal compounds. Case of study: the formations of Ndora - Mwokora - Kabarore - Mparamirundi (North of Burundi)."

    Master de recherche:

    Subject 4: "Geological mapping in Eastern part of Rwanda (1/50,000) and verification of lithostratigraphical control of minerals as result of fluid circulation trapped."

  • Pavillon_musée


    Royal Museum for Central Africa

    •            Anouk Borst
                 Damien Delvaux
                 Camille Françoist

    African partners:

    • Prof. Charles Nzolang - UOB
      Prof. Jaziel Nkere Buliba - UOB
      Prof. Digne Rwabuhungu - UR
      Prof. Louis Nahimana - UB


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