Fellows' activities - internship at the RMCA 2022/2023




During their stay at MRAC, Prefina Samba and Bazebizonza Nicy, scholarship recipients from the Kongo - Brazzaville program, were able to participate in several activities:
- Contribution to the production of an explanatory video on phantoming under the guidance of Yves Quinif, in the Hainaut quarries, Clipot, and the Han-sur-Lesse cave.
- Safe cave progression at Fort Barchon and the Charrues cave, as well as the underground quarry of Grands Malades, supervised by Romain Deleu, Martin Vlieghe, and Pascale Lahogue.
- Participation in the Scientific Speleology Days (JSS). Presentation of a part of their research results during an oral communication, each, and exchange of ideas with karst specialists.




Evelyne SAFARI :

- Field data modeling on QGIS under the supervision of MRAC scientists.
- Progress in research work under the guidance of MRAC scientists.
- Preparation of samples in the laboratory at the University of Leuven.

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