Field training in Han-sur-Lesse


5th - 6th October 2021 - Field training in Han-sur-Lesse

Tracers application in Han-sur-lesse

The Tracer tests present an essential tool to understand flooded network within the karstic system. 
This mission is held in the karstic area of Han-sur-Lesse (South Belgium), developed in the Givetian limestones. This mission was assured by the supervision of Pr. Vincent Hallet team from 5th to 6th of October, 2021. 

The main objectives of this mission:
- To install tracer tests system (detectors/ Fluorometers and tracers/Fluorescein-Uranine).
   6 fluorimeters have been installed in the karstic network streams and the resurgence of "Trou de Han."
   The tracer was injected in the middle way of the stream inside the cave and in the skin hole of "Gouffre de Belvaux."
- To study sedimentological dynamics in the cave system.
    A meticulous sampling of flood-related sediments within the caves was conducted to understand the deposition dynamic in Han-sur-Lesse karsts.


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