Congo Republic field mission- August/September 2022

Karst team

In the framework of the GeoRes4Dev project – Kongo area, a scientific team from the MRAC organized a field trip to the Congo republic.

For 20 days, between August-September 2022, the MRAC scientists, the local supervisor, and both karst teams from Kinshasa and Brazzaville:

-    Three days’ seminars focusing on Karstology, carbonates facies studies, topography, structural studies, cave monitoring techniques, and the relationship between society and the caves.
-    Exploration and study of the karstic sites present a high scientific interest for the doctoral research of two of our scholars.
-    Meeting to Biologists team of Marien Ngouabi university to discuss future multidisciplinary collaboration with the karst team of Brazzaville.
-    Meeting with the head of sciences of central Africa UNESCO in Brazzaville office to discuss the project interest and the possibilities of creating geoparks in central Africa.

Participants' list :

BAZEBIZONZA TCHIGUINA Nicy Carmel, LUTETE Junior, NGALA Nadege, PREFINA Samba Rachelle, Pascale Lahogue, Damien Delvaux, Imen Arfaoui, Theodore Trefon.


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