7th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2021- Meet us!

Geologica Belgica

15th-17th September 2021 – Royal Museum of Central Africa - RMCA (Belgium)

Geosciences Made in Belgium

The Royal Museum of Central Africa has organised the 7th meeting of Geologica Belgica 2021 in the recently renovated Africa Museum.
The conference main topic is " Geosciences made in Belgium" which represent an open forum for all the belgian and foreigner scientists, resenting 13 sessions covering many variated disciplines of earth science,  most of them answering questions about researchs in Africa.


Fortunately, we were able to organize this meeting and meet with you due to reducing in COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Organisation Commitee

Damien Delvaux, RMCA (damien.delvaux.de.fenffe@africamuseum.be)
Olivier Dewitte, RMCA (olivier.dewitte@africamuseum.be)
Max Fernandez-Alonso, RMCA (max.fernandez@africamuseum.be)
Aurelia Hubert-Ferrari, ULiège (aurelia.ferrari@uliege.be)
Jan Elsen, KU Leuven (jan.elsen@kuleuven.be)

Scientific Committee

Jean-Marc Baele, UMons (jean-marc.baele@umons.ac.be)
Olivier Bolle, ULiège (olivier.bolle@ulg.ac.be)
Anouk Borst, RMCA & KU Leuven (anouk.borst@africamuseum.be)
Marc De Batist, UGent (marc.debatist@ugent.be)
Augustin Dekoninck, UNamur (augustin.dekoninck@unamur.be)
Thierry De Putter, RMCA (thierry.de.putter@africamuseum.be)
Stefaan Dondeyne, UGent (stefaan.dondeyne@ugent.be)
Karen Fontijn, ULB (karen.fontijn@ulb.ac.be)
Vanessa Heyvaert, RBINS-GSB (vanessa.heyvaert@naturalsciences.be)
François Kervyn, RMCA (francois.kervyn@africamuseum.be)
David Lagrou, VITO (david.lagrou@vito.be)
Thomas Lecocq, ROB (thomas.lecocq@oma.be)
Florias Mees, RMCA (florias.mees@africamuseum.be)
Sophie Opfergelt, UCLouvain (sophie.opfergelt@uclouvain.be)
Cyrille Prestianni, ULiège & RBINS (cyrille.prestianni@uliege.be)
Robert Speijer, KU Leuven (robert.speijer@kuleuven.be)



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