EU sets out raw materials security plan

Anouk in Lab

Critical raw materials are high on the agenda of governments globally, as the demand for these metals is set to rise significantly in response to the renewable energy transition. The European Union, for example, is entirely dependent on import for most of these materials, and does not have a well-functioning mining sector, with most projects delayed or halted by public resistance against mining. To try and combat future supply risks, the EU has recently launched a new Critical Raw Materials Act, in which they outline a strategy to increase domestic production and processing of raw materials to decrease European dependance on import.

In a recent interview by DW journalist Rosie Birchard, Anouk Borst (Researcher and Prof at RMCA & KU Leuven) was asked to explain the need for critical raw materials and the difficulties in sourcing them.  Link to the interview hereā€¦

Link to the interview


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