Online training course on karst systems and sustainable development


Within the framework of the IGCP project of the Critical Areas in Karst Systems, the International Karst Research Centre (IRCK) organized an online workshop, under the Auspices of UNESCO, from 15 to 26 November 2021, ensuring international participation: in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.

An interesting program where international highly qualified scientists specialists in karst system studies present different sessions:

- Deciphering Clastic Cave Deposits.
- Subsurface biosphere in karst caves and their role in carbon sink
- Carbon cycle in karst water
- Continental weathering carbon sink and global change
- Central Italy Karst water resources and water security
- Spatio-temporal hydrodynamics in karst critical zones of the Classical Karst
- Repairing the degraded, damaged and destroyed karst ecosystem- close nature forest restoration
- International Geoscience Programme and UNESCO Designated sites enabling Early Career Geoscientists to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals and KARST research/capacity building
- Interpretation of karst landscape value

- "Structural control of Karstic system in the West Congo Belt, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)."
               Nkodia Hady
-"General status of Republic of Congo karst system."
              BAZEBIZONZA TCHIGUINA Nicy Carmel
- "Water in karst"
             PREFINA Samba Rachelle
- "Resumption of geological work on the karstic zone of Kongo Central, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Niari-Bouenza, Republic of Congo."
             Imen Arfaoui

Participants' list of IRCK-International training course on Karst - 2021

NKODIA Hardy, BAZEBIZONZA TCHIGUINA Nicy CarmelPREFINA Samba Rachelle, and Imen Arfaoui

The Kongo team was distinguished with their participation, and were in the top 5 ranks on the evaluations of their oral presentation on Karst and Sustainable Development,
They won awards of 250 USD for the first ranked Nkodia Hardy and 200 USD for Imen Arfaoui and Nicy Bazebizonza.

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